raglan - help - is there a mistake in this pattern?

Hi everyone! I’m Andria, and I live in San Diego, and I love knitting. I’m new to the group. I’m frustrated because I’m trying to knit my first raglan top-down sweater, the Kiawah V-neck (in the book Drop Dead Easy Knits). Row 1 of the pattern says “knit to marker, RL1, k1, slip marker, k1, LL1.” But if I knit to the marker, there’s no stitch for the RL1. Is it supposed to be knit to 1 stitch before the marker? Please help! I already tore out the set up row 3 times learning all of the new increase stitches, and would really like to move on. I’ve made several patterns from this book, and they have been great, so I doubt it’s a typo. Thank you!! Andria


Lovely sweater!
If you follow the link above to ravelry there is errata noted:
Errata: Page 124 knit to one stitch before the marker, RL1, K1, slip marker

As I have no idea what is on page 124 I do not know if this relates to your question, but it does sound like the problem (and solution) you have given. It looks like you are correct about the typo and about knitting to one stitch before the marker.

If this does not answer your question I’m sure someone will be able to help you with this problem.
Do feel free to ask questions as you work your way through your first top down sweater.

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Thank you so much!! Yes, that is the right page,so it is definitely a typo. I thought I was losing my mind! I didn’t realize errata were on ravelry. This helps me a lot. I will definitely reach out if I have questions. Have a great day!!!


Youre very welcome. Glad to have been able to help.
You have a great day too.