Raglan decreases and "keeping pattern correct"

I am working on my first cardigan which involves a cable on both the front of the sweater and the sleeves. In working on my first sleeve, the instructions are "keeping pattern correct, and working all raglan decreases as now set, continue as follows: Dec 1 stitch a t each end of next and every following alt row until 33 sts remain. My question is this: does “keeping pattern correct” mean that as I decrease on each end, I compensate by knitting the knits and purl the purls (read my work)? and what do I do about the fact that I will get to 33 sts mid row? I am uploading a jpeg of the part of the pattern I am referring to. It is a British pattern which also creates its own challenges but any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.IMG_0335

‘keeping pattern correct’ means carry on following the pattern ,as before, but make allowance for the decreases - or, take care which stitch you begin the following row with after a decrease row!! With a cabled pattern, if you have been reading your work and knitting what you see on the WS all along and if all the decreases occur on the RS, then I would say yes :smile:
I don’t quite understand your concern regarding ending with 33 sts mid row. If it’s a uk pattern, I’m guessing you started the sleeve at the cuff with ribbing for x amount of rows, then established the cable pattern and increased the side edges until x length. The ‘new’ increased stitches were incorporated into the pattern as the sleeve grew and now, for the raglan, you are removing stitches but still maintaining the pattern. The side edges will be the underarm and raglan seams and the top 33 sts will eventually be incorporated into a collar/neckband.
Hope this helps anyway, Linda

Thank you! Now I have another question: after it says “until 33 sts remain”…on the sleeve that I am working on, that will be on the 1st row of the cable pattern and I will need to NOT decrease at the beginning and end because I am starting off with 35 sts left on the previous row. So. do I continue with that RS row 1 and then start Row 2 for the “work 1 row, finishing on a wrong side row” or am I misunderstanding what I am reading? (and yes, I started at the cuff with ribbing and gradually increased per the pattern instructions)

Reading that bit of the pattern from the photo you posted above, once you reach 33 sts you work the following ws row in pattern but then continue with the instructions from - Next Row(right side). There are 4 that I’m able to read for RS,WS,RS,WS ( there may well be more on the next page or overleaf!!) and you will be making further decreases on the RS rows. Pattern 9sts,p2tog,K5,P1,K5,p2tog tbl, pattern 9. From the first of these rows it looks like you will only be keeping the first 9 and last 9 sts in pattern.

Notknittingknots, thank you so much for your help - now I can continue without thinking I will be ripping rows out!

You’re welcome :blush:
Good luck with your project and remember to post a photo when you finish it. Ask again if you need any further help :smiley: