Raglan decrease, is there a way to make both ends look the same?

I’m Knitting a raglan baby cardigan in stocking stitch. The pattern says to decrease at beginning & end of knit rows to shape raglan. It says to k1,s1,k1,psso at the beginning of row & then k2 together, k1 at the end of row. The decrease at the end (k2 together) looks nice & neat but the decrease at the beginning of row not so neat. Is there a way to make it look more like the k2 together end? I’ve tried doing the slipped stitch purl & knit wise but makes no difference.

This helps a bit. I’ve been using the second method in the video rather than the first. The second just involves a tug on the second stitch to tighten up the first and neaten the ssk.

Here’s another from KnittingNuances. I haven’t tried this yet but both the subtle and showy decreases look awfully nice on the blog.

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Thanks Salmonmac, I quickly read through the link, seems very good. I’ll read it through again later & will try the suggestion(s) when I get to my next raglan shaping for the front.
I think it was you that helped me with my lace boarder on the girls baby cardigan I was knitting a few months ago, I would have given up without your help. I did say I’d post a foto of it when finished. I will try to figure out how to. Thanks.