Raglan Body-Hugger from The Purl Stitch

Hi all, I am in desparate need of some pattern help. I tokk this to my LYS yesterday, and the lady helped me, but I am still left scratching my head. I am doing the sleeves, and here is what Sally says…Cast on 46 sts. Work a 2x2 rib pattern for 4 rows. Maintain stitch pattern through all shaping(pg. 111)

Next(increase) row (RS) K2, work into st below next st plus into next st(lifted increase, page 67), work to 3 sts remaining, work lifted increase in next st, K2. (She also says on pg. 67 that you can do a front & back increase which I would prefer to do).
Work 5 rows straight.
Repeat last 6 rows to 78 sts.

I just do not understand these increases and the rib pattern. The YS lady told me that my first row after my 1st increase, I would do K2, P3, knit rib until last 3 sts, and then do P3, K2.

Then my next rows after increase would be K2, P4, and so on.

Then my next increase would be K2, P2, k inc, P2.

It is just so confusing. Now that I look at it wrote out this way, it doesn’t seem so bad. Does this sound right to you???

Thank you so much!!

You work the new sts into the rib pattern, but it depends on how the pattern looks. Do the sleeves look as if the ribbing gets wider or do they stay in 2x2? If it’s going to be the 2x2 I might suggest though that you do the increases on the end sts, that way the incs will be hidden by the seam.

Yes, you are right. Thank You again. You are always a big help!!