Ragg Wool Socks

Anyone here done rag wool socks? My SIL is a hunter and while they live in NC it still gets cold when sitting in a deer blind in the winter. He wears a size 12 shoe so not sure how to make a pattern big enough to fit his feet! Most sock patterns I’ve seen don’t go that large. Maybe my DD can measure a hunting sock that fits him well and I can go from there. Would make a pair for him for Christmas if I can find something easy to do as I’ve not done socks before.

This sock pattern goes up to size 14 and here’s another one that I think goes up to size 14/15, too.

It’s a great idea for a present. This is a classic tutorial for socks and has nice step-by-step directions.
There are also a couple of pattern generators out there (here’s one) that will help customize a pattern to any size.

Another sock link: I do Lifestyle Toe Up Socks - No Swatch Needed socks. I can make socks to fit anyone, and I’ve yet to actually use a sock pattern. Doing them toe-up allows me to adjust the length of the top if I get short on yarn. I don’t know about rag wool, I think I want to learn about it.

So how do I adjust the pattern for heavier wool? I’d like to make them out of at least worsted weight since they will be used for hunting.

Have you ever used at least a worsted weight yarn for the socks? I think I’d like to make them heavier due to the idea he’d be using them for hunting.

I’ve used worsted, sport, and fingering weights. You cast on for a closed toe, the number of stitches determined by the weight of the yarn and how many you want to use. You then increase until the toe is as wide as you want it and just keep knitting straight till it’s time to do the heel. I’ve used 70+ stitches or as few as about 40. The first pair I did was worsted weight, I wasn’t ready to try fingering yarn yet and I wanted to learn the techniques needed on the heavier yarn. My worsted weight will work in loose boots, not regular shoes, or as house socks to keep my toes warm in winter.

The “pattern” calls for Judy’s magic cast on but you could use any kind you want and use any heel turning method you want. That’s all it is really, cast on, increase to the right circumference (I try mine on or have the person they’re for try them on), knit until it’s time to turn the heel and after doing the heel knit the cuff. No swatch, no actual pattern needed.