Rag Balls

Does anyone know where you can purchase ready to use rag balls (1 inch wide strips of fabric)? I have been toying with the idea of knitting the Tailgate Rag Rug in Mason Dixon Knitting, but the thought of cutting up fabric to make my very own rag balls does not appeal to me!

I’ve tried a local fabric store, a quilting store, and the Internet (which I’ve found directions on how to cut up fabric into strips to make rag balls). Perhaps they are called something else rather than rag balls?

I started my own “rag balls” many years ago (when I quilted alot), I would imagine if you want the “look” of vintage, you should probably check tag sales, flea markets, garage sales etc…or maybe Ebay…The whole “point” of rag balls is that long ago (before my time he!he!) nothing went to waste when sewing…so it would take awhile to accumulate your “rags” from scrap material…:hug:

Back in the 70’s I had what seemed like a couple miles of one particular fabric,royal blue with mini white flowers. I made a skirt, then cut some into strips and knit a pull over vest to match.

I’ve seen kits in Walmart for knit purses or beanie hats made with cut fabric strips. I think the fabric was already cut. If I dig around in my stash, I probably bought 1 or 2 of them, but have never made them.

Sounds interesting – I hope you’ll post a picture when you finish!

My mom used to do a bunch of sewing many years ago, and I remember her ripping the fabric along the grain (cotton fabric). Would that be fasted than cutting? I agree, that would be very cumbersome and time consuming!

After I thought about it, here’s one I crochet’d a few years back:

That is awesome! It is similar to the one in the Mason Dixon book, only that one is not circular. I really like yours!

These strips are 1.5" wide and the width of the fabric ~45 inches. There are 40 in each roll. The Blue Bamboo is a great quilt fabric store hidden in an industrial warehouse area just west of Minneapolis.

i did a quick ebay search and here is what i found:


if you just search “rag balls” on ebay.com there are quite a few listings

Aww Thanks!!! It’s crocheted in the round…start off with of chain, join in the round then just sc all the way around…I used a size P crochet hook!!! The only thing I “didn’t do” is finish off the sides of my strips so they are a little frayed…but it’s still “cute”:hug:

Oh, I think the frayed edges are part of the appeal of using fabric strips!!

I agree. A rag rug rug is pretty rustic looking so finished edges aren’t necessary at all. :thumbsup: