Rag bag

Right now I’m in the process of making a rag bag. I doubled the cast ons and I’ve been knitting it ever since. But now to the question: Is it possible for me to start the kitchenette stich to establish a bottom for my purse? And if so what would I do about the sides…could I increase the stiches and then sew up the sides? :?? This is so confusing…has anyone ever made a rag bag before I’ve tried to find info on it, but I can’t find anything outside of the initial pattern!! Pics are welcome…I’m very visual!!!

Kitchenette? :?? Do you mean Kitchenor Stitch or Stockinette Stitch?

I think you’re going to have to clarify what you are asking, as well.

Is it the rag bag from the “On my Mind” website? If so, there is no bottom. You just sew up the sides and that’s it. I’ve seen photos of patterns you buy, but can’t tell anything about the bottom or lack of from looking at them.


lol, you’re right I did mean the stockinette stitch!!! :XX:

Is there a link to the pattern? I’ve been looking to make a bag. ~Brooke

Thanks :thumbsup: ~Brooke

you’re welcome