Racer Back Tank (Summer Quickie)

Hello All

This is my first attempt at posting for a Knit A Long, but I hope this one is compelling enough to get a group going.

I’m going to knit this racer back tank top from the Lion Brand Newsletter.

NOTE: If you’re not able to see the pattern from the link -
Option #1: I can email you the .pdf or a Word document
Option #2: Since it is a free pattern on www.LionBrand.com you can do a search on that site in the Free Patterns section - keywords “Racer Back Tank”

I love this style for a few reasons:

*It looks like a quick knit - although summer weather is full on already where I live
*I’m sure that many other yarns would work well here
*The pattern is simple enough for me to extend this since I’m not quite ready for belly button bearing
*I think we can easily convert this and knit it in the round to the arm holes

Join Us!! :happydance: I know a few knitters already interested and I’d love to see how this knits up in different yarns (or the suggested yarn too!)

SO the directions are for back and forth on straights. How do you do it in the round :??

Great question!

I’m not an expert at doing this yet, but I’ve been told that to knit something like this in the round, you just double the number of cast on stitches, and place markers at the 1/2 way mark and at the beginning of your “round” - that way you can make any decreases near the markers as though there were seam lines.

So in this case, to make the smallest size, the directions say
Cast on 64sts

So, to knit in the round I would CO 128 sts, with a marker between sts #64 and #65 and another marker between sts #1 and #128.

If anyone else knows more about this, I would LOVE some help here.[/b]

That sounds about right to me. You would have to work back and forth once you get to the armhole shaping, but I do agree that it would be easier to knit the rest in the round. I like the pattern, but I’m not really fond of ribbon yarn. I may check out my stash and see if I can adapt the pattern to something that I already have…not that I don’t already have 4 projects on needles right now! What’s one more?