Rabbit toy

So, i am trying to knit a rabbit. But i´ve come across something i dont really understand. It says connect wool, what part do they mean? The trouble starts at row 61:(
Ive added a picture of the pattern and how far ive knitted

I read thru your small pattern clipping…didn’t see any directions that said “connect wool”…but I did see directions that said “join wool”…in the 2nd line down from Row 61 directions.

Is “join wool” what you’re asking about? If so…it simply means to join/connect/[B]tie[/B] a free end of the yarn to that location because you’re going to be needing to knit with it at that location (and right now, it’s not there).

I’m thinking maybe you previously set some stitches aside (perhaps for the ears?), and now you’re going to go back and knit those stitches. My guess is that your working yarn is attached somewhere else, so you either need to cut it (leaving a long tail) and start knitting with it at the safety pins. [B]Or[/B] you need to use a different ball of yarn, leaving the other attached where it is. [U]However[/U], please read through your directions in case what I said is incorrect and/or doesn’t make sense!

yes, join wool is what I meant.