Quilting and Knitting?

Anyone ever made a quilt with knitting on one side and quilting on the other? Ya know, sewn together? Would this work?

Well my first love is :inlove: quilting and my second is :wink: knitting. But I have to admit I have not ever considered putting the two “together”. That’s a thought tho. I’ll have to watch this post and see what ideas others come up with.

I am in the process of setting up a quilting studio. We are putting the Toile wallpaper up today and we are almost done. I did consider knitting pretty light weight window treatments. But havent’ gotten beyond just the “thought” of it.

I saw in the Mason Dixon book they show a knit lace curtain. Very easy …just a few holes here and there. I willl need to do some more “research”.

I guess this isn’t really an answer because it’s not a quilt, but I backed my “Crazy Quilt” knitted blanket with fleece for extra warmth and that works. I think if I quilted, I would consider a combination project.

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t. The Norwegians have been sewing knit stuff for generations. I would probably do a bias fabric binding on the edge, that way the edge of the knit side is encased by the cotton fabric. But how would you decide which side of the quilt to display? :thinking: :wink:

I don’t quilt, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You would probably just need to sew or tie areas on the knit side to the quilt side so it doesn’t get all slippy or wonky. :wink:

OOooh I didn’t think of that :doh: What I was thinking was making a blanket out of knit squares and covering up all the mess of the wrong sides by some kind of quilted thing sew on. So yeah maybe just some flannelsomething or other to cover up the wrong side would be easier. I’m not any kind of sewer at all thought. I have no idea how I would sew fabric to something knit (I’ve never lined a purse :rollseyes: ) and I have no idea of how to even make a quilted fabric (What is :sewing on the bias" :?? ) and I may have to take a class or something. Actually my mother knows how to make quilts I guess I should ask her. :thinking:

There is a way to cut cotton fabric into strips so that it is on the diagonal (bias), this makes it stretchier. So if you’re going to bind something, you don’t want to use strips that you cut length- or cross-wise. If you google “bind a quilt” you should come up with a better explanation. Or something really wierd and kinky. :wink:

If you don’t know how to sew at all, I think this is a pretty big bite to chew. And if you don’t have a machine, handsewing would be a monstrous task. But maybe your mom would sew it for you?

I was thinking about this last night because I also quilt in addition to knit.

What about a multi-media quilt top with a mixture of quilted blocks and knitted blocks? With the right colors/shapes/stitches, it could be an absolute masterpiece!! :thinking: :thinking:

wishing for a “craft vacume” i can climb in and stay for weeks at a time and when I come out, life will return to the exact second that I climbed in

awesome, huh??

:rofling: :rofling: