Quickie baby sweater

I am looking for a pattern like this http://d-made.com/knitting/patterns/Quickie_Baby_Sweater.pdf

but in a little larger size. I want an easy pattern that knits up quick, but the baby is 3 months old.

I did make this first one and it was really easy although the front edge curls a bit.
One piece baby sweater
The rest of these are on my list to try.
Baby Cardigan
Baby Neck-down cardigan
Seamless Yoked Cardigan

Tons of baby clotheshere.

A friend of mine made the Seamless Yoked Cardigan for my baby girl, and it still fits her and she’s 6 months old on Tuesday.

You could also size up the quickie baby sweater with a slightly bulkier yarn and bigger needles too.

Hi when your girlfriend made the Seamless Yoked Cardigan did she make it in the smaller size? I was thinking of making the smaller size but using a size 5 needle. Do you think that would work?

I’m thinking that she did make the smaller one. I asked her what yarn she used, but she wasn’t certain, it has been long discontinued and had lost the label, but I’d guess it is a sport weight.

Here is a picture I took of her this morning wearing her sweater. I’d guess she is about 16 pounds give or take, she has her 6-month check up on Wednesday, so I’ll find out then!

Can’t take credit for the sweater though, it was knit by a friend of mine. I think she didn’t put the design around the cuffs either. She had started it before she was born (and knew that she was a girl!) which is why it is in turquoise/aqua and kept it a little plainer.

ahhh that baby it sooooo cute. The sweater is nice to! I’m just wondering if you have time if you could measure how long your friend made the sleeves. All the pattern says is work to desired length. I have no idea how long to make them. From what I get from other patterns the sleeves should be about 5-6 inches. Thanks.

The sleeve from the armpit to the cuff is 5 1/2 inches.

I’m thinking of trying it in a worsted weight and bigger needles for a sweater for her in the fall.

I made this sweater for my 18 month DD. I made the 2T size and it fits her perfectly now. She is 31 3/4 inches tall and 21 pounds. So, I’d say the sizing runs small. It was fun and easy to knit. I’ll post a picture soon. You could easily make it smaller.



Hi, which pattern did you use? because the Seamless Yoked Cardigan pattern says it only goes up to 6 months. If you know of a pattern like this in bigger sizes I would love to know. I am about half way done this and it is turning out so cute. I have an older niece I would love to knit this for.

I am making this sweater for a new baby and I am having trouble with the pattern. On Row 9 after the increase it says you should have 78 stitches, but I come out with 87. Could there be a typo in the pattern? I am using #4 needles.

I don’t think there is a typo in the pattern. I made this sweater with no mistakes. Maybe you made some mistakes with the increase?

Before the increase should I have 60 stitches? Here is how it reads in the pattern I have Row 9: K 4, *increase in next st, K 2, * repeat between stars across, end K 4 (78 sts) if I have 60 stitches and increase that many times I get 27 increases if I do the math. Am I missing something you don’t need to knit 4 every time before the increase do you?