Quick tote felting question!

On my instructions for this tote it says at one point to “felt according to directions, sew on handles.” It doesn’t tell me how to sew them on however so I’d like suggestions for that. I’d also like to ask why they have to be sewn on afterward…or do they? I am on the last i-cord strap so I’ll probably get to felting today! :happydance:

I’m thinking that you need to felt the handles separately because of the round part on the bottom. If you sew that on first, I wonder if it would felt down to the right sized circle. Just a hunch. As for sewing them on, you could probably use yarn that matches the inside of the bag and grab the back of those circles with your needles–just enough so that the yarn doesn’t show through.

Good thinking, Ingrid. That hadn’t occured to me. Okay separately it is!

I always sew on handles separately, because the bag might shift or get wonky while it’s felting, and then the handles will be in the wrong spot. If you do it afterwards, you can make sure they are exactly right.

If you use a good sturdy needle and a double strand of clear thread, they should be pretty sturdy. The thread will also disappear into the fabric so don’t be nervous about using too much. You can needle felt the handles on, too, but that’s kind of a PITA.