Quick Reply not working

Every time I try to hit “reply” lately it is doing the “quote” from the previous poster instead of just letting me do a quick reply. Anyone know what is wrong with my settings maybe?

Maybe you’re clicking the wrong button inadvertently… It’s possible your browser display isn’t in synch with what’s on the screen. When you hover the mouse over the buttons, Reply shows “Quick reply to this message”. The Quote+ shows “Multi-quote this message”. Take a second to look at what shows up in the box to make sure you’re over the right button.

This is what happens when I hit reply (it says quick reply when I hover the button) but it puts the quote in there when I actually click it. Strange this just started happening.

That is what happens to me. The message (quote) is above this message that I am typing. Sometimes there is not enough room to type a reply.

You can always take out the quote or part of it, and I’ve done some really long replies and the box expands and scrolls for whatever you want to put in it.

I just have never had this happen before that is why I questioned it. Guess I will just take the quote out if it keeps happening.


I’ve let Sheldon know, so he should be able to troubleshoot it. What browser are you using? Jan and I don’t have a problem and we’re on Firefox though she’s got a newer version.

I use Internet Explorer 9. Maybe this changed when I updated to IE9 since it is a newer update and it did not happen before. Must be just on my end with this version of IE9 I guess

This happens to me too starting today. I use internet Explorer 8. So it is not just you.

If I click the “Quick Reply” button, I get a message saying “choose the quick reply button,” or something like that.

I have to choose the “Reply” button inside the previous post to have a response window come up.

Firefox. Macintosh.


I’ve always clicked on the Reply button in a post to do Quick Reply. I don’t have a link to click on where it says “Quick Reply” above the empty message box. That box says “Please click one of the Quick Reply icons [B]in the posts above [/B]to activate Quick Reply.”

Yep, same for me.

Oh wow, sorry Sheldon I have really started something with this question. At least I now know it isn’t just me.

My Reply button says the exact same thing as yours but it doesn’t just do the Qucik Reply anymore, includes the quote of the person above you. That is what has changed, it did not do that before and as I can see from others, it is happening to them also.

Mine says to click the quick reply button in the post, but it doesn’t automatically quote the post in the quick reply box. There is a box you can check below the quick reply text area though that asks if you want to quote the message in the reply.

Are you sure you aren’t clicking on the button to the left of quick reply that says “quote+”? That button is for multi-quote. You can click on as many in a thread as you want and then when you click on the regular reply button, it will autoquote all those posts.

Also, you can choose “go advanced” on the quick reply box if you want it to change over to the regular reply box with all the formatting options.

This seems to be functioning exactly as it does on any other forum using vBulletin software. I haven’t been posting here long though. Perhaps an admin changed the options in the control panel requiring members to choose a post to quick reply to instead of just allowing quick reply without choosing a post? I’m not sure how you guys had it before, so I don’t know if this is just a matter of settings being changed in the admin control panel.

As far as I know, there’s no way to do ‘quick reply’ without clicking on the button within a post. Though there were some changes showing up after Sheldon had to do a rebuild when the server crash - the quote and reply buttons were on the lower right side of a post and now they’re on the lower left. I’m betting it’s IE9 that’s got a new ‘feature’.

YAY I uninstalled IE9 and all is working well again. Darn upgrade to IE9 messed a lot of things up for me so not going there again. Sorry for all the confusion on this.

Yeah, sometimes the upgrades are not worth the problems they cause. I don’t go to a newer version of something until there’s another version or two beyond it; usually all the bugs are worked out by then.