Quick question

im new to kntting n im binding off this square (which im SSOOOO proud of :smiley: ) and i have binded off the enite thing except the last stitch, there is only on one the needle, none on the other and i dont know what to do. help?

Just cut your yarn and pull it through the stitch and pull it tight. You can weave the end in when you’re all done. :smiley:

but when it pull it thru, it doesnt look right. i have 2 loopps left.

First, did you pull the yarn all the way through so it’s just a tail?

Second, sometimes the final stitch doesn’t tighten up nicely, and usually seams get sewn so it doesn’t matter.

So you can pull it two ways. take the needle with the last stich and pull it out a little so it’s a big loop. cut the end of yarn. take that end and put it right through the loop. OR instead of putting the end through the loop, pull on the end so it comes out of the loop (not the end that will rip out the knitting). either way, take that tail and sew through any bumping things and weavit back and forth on the wrong side. No one will know. :wink:

I just repeated what Ingrid said…oh well…

Great minds think alike :wink: