Quick question about ribbing

I’m working on that dang sock and I’ve got the first row done with the k2p2 ribbing. I ended the row with purl stitches. Do I start the next row with k2 or p2?

Okay I did a search and now I’m really confused as these seem to be opposing directions. :??



Hi Jan,

Since you said it was a sock, I’m going to assume you’re knitting in the round. If that’s the case, you just keep going around and the next stitches would be K2. If by some chance you’re NOT knitting in the round, then if you ended with P2, after you turn your work the first stitches would also be K2.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


Thanks Mary. Yes, I’m using DPN’s. Does it make any difference since I have an even number of stitches (40)? This would mean I’m knitting into the knit stitches and purling in to the purl stitches.

That’s the way it should be. :thumbsup:
In the round, for K2P2 ribbing to work you have to have a number divisible by four, so you’re all set to go. :cheering:


Oh goody I did something right! :happydance: Now I can keep on working!

BTW…I had a hard time getting started as I suppose most do when working with DPN’s. First I couldn’t figure it out, then the stupid stitches fell off one needle and I couldn’t put them back on. Ugh. Solved that problem with rubber bands. Ha! :lol:

Thanks for your help!

I’m not Mary, but…

Yep, for ribbing you want to knit into the knit stitches, and purl the purls.

By the way, for K2P2 ribbing, you need a multiple of 4 stitches (since the pattern is 2 knit stitches + 2 purl stitches), so you’re good to go because you have 4 x 10 = 40.