Quick question about little knits

i know several of you have ordered from littleknits.com. what are their usual shipping charges? i looked on the website and saw that they don’t determine shipping until after you place your order. i’m basically only interested in two skeins of peru luxury dk. the total weight would only be 100 grams. since i’ve mentioned it, have any of you used this before? what are your opinions?

I’ve never ordered from them, but what I’ll often do at any site that doesn’t tell you shipping per $ amount up front, is go a head and put everything I want into my shopping bag and proceed thru the check out steps. They should show the shipping amount before you actually put your credit card info in and commit so there is always time to stop the order once you see the total cost.


I have ordered from Little Knits several times and she charges actual shipping costs…no hidden fees. That is why the shipping costs are calculated later when the weight of the package is determined. On one occasion, she (Sue) even refunded me $1.50 when the shipping costs turned out to be less than originally thought!:cheering:

I love Little Knits!


I am making a sweater with the luxury DK and it feels very soft and nice to knit with. So far, I love it! No idea how it will wear, but the 2 skeins I have used so far have done well with a round of frogging and re-knitting!

I just finished a sweater using that yarn in the same color and I had to order 2 more balls too. But I think Little Knits has a $25 min. so I ordered some sock yarn to make up the difference. Just checked my statch to see if I had any left, but no Luck. Ellie

i just got my little knits order on Friday. The shipping was actuall shipping so it wasn’t outrageous but I think someone already said there iis the $25 min order which was easy for me to exceed.

I love Little Knits. They’re so friendly there. I can’t really help with the shipping question as I have always gone there in person.

Yep on what everyone says. Love em. I ordered 4 BAGS of Peru Luxury DK. two for my DH in a khaki color and two for me in blue. It IS nice yarn, but I don’t think I want to make the turtleneck I was planning to make for mine. It’s soft, but my neck doesn’t like it. Go figure! Shipping was actual cost.

thanks everybody! i didn’t know about the $25 minimum. i guess my order will just have to wait a while. :pout: the question is, can i?

I don’t think they have a hard and fast $25 minimum. Call to find out. They’re really helpful!