Quick Knitting in Round Question

Ok, just want to make sure I know what “join” means. It says after the cast on, to knit one row, join, and continue in st st for…well, a long time…

By join, doesnt that just mean dont turn your needles and hold the working yarn and tail yarn together? Well, tail yarn only for a little bit anways…

Thanks for the help…I’m starting on a bag tonight…although, now beld made me have a beer…hehe…so, this should be REAL interesting!

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ah, found my answer on google…yay! (It was just as I thought) see, i tend to think too much on things…

Beer could help with that thinking problem… :wink:

Well, hey, don’t leave me hanging. I’d still like to know the answer to your question, as it’s something I’ve been wondering as well. All the places where I’ve seen anyone talk about it, they say that step as if they automatically assume any moron knows what to do, but this moron doesn’t. :??

Well yeah! I would like to know the answer too…

I thought you could just start knitting but is a ‘join’ different?
It doesn’t have anything to do with the tail, I know that.

What did you find?

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I find long showers help me to think better.

Can’t answer the join question though, to get back on topic.

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Why would you join after you knit one row? If you are knitting in the round, the join should occur when you START the FIRST row, correct? Or is this some extra trick to make the beginning of your round look neater?

I think the ‘join’ just means this: when you’re starting off your first round, you start with the working yarn on your RIGHT needle. So when you knit your first stitch, you knit it fairly tight so that there’s no gap between, then from there you just knit round after round after round and the join shouldn’t be an issue after the first time. Just make sure that you get that FIRST stitch in the round nice and tight and you’ll be good to go.


Well, I am not an expert by any means, but the lady who has taught me to knit told me you knit one extra stitch and then you flip the first one over the last one (or vice versa), keeping things tight, and start knitting. I’ve done that on my sleeves and also a baby hat, and it looks to be the thing to do.


Well, actually, it COULD have something to do with the tail…

You can join & then knit (and, yes, joining pretty much just means start knitting) with both your working yarn and tail held together for the first few sts (Amy says 3, but I feel safer with 5) and then drop the tail yarn, then you wont have to weave that end in later! You can just cut it off!

I think the passing or flipping one st over another is another valid way of joining, as Ive heard it mentioned elsewhere on this board, I just dont know how to do it.

lol @ beld…ah, we had fun drinking together though :smiley:

Yeah, I didn’t make my first stitch that tight, but next time I will…and also try that passing and flipping thing. I’ve only done a couple inches, but knitting in the round is awesome!!! It goes so fast…and since I’m doing stock. st. I don’t have to “think”…hehehe.

Kelly, when you join like this does the spot where you join usually ‘show’? I’ve never heard of working the tail in too. When I made my dad’s hat you can tell where in the row the join was. The red stripe has a sort of jump to it. I didn’t like it, but didn’t know how to keep it from doing that.


This is small, but you can sort of see where the red stripe is a little uneven. How could I not do that next time? (DH is ordering a hat in navy!)

That is two separate issues…

first, look at Amy’s video for circular knitting basics. That will show you what she does with her tail yarn. I really like her technique.

Second, someone posted somewhere on this board about “Meg’s jogless jog” (I think that’s what it was called), but it’s a technique to rid yourself of that stripe issue when knitting in the round…I think the link that was posted took you somewhere to the Knitty website.

I just went through this “joining” struggle myself, and ended up frogging twice until I got a join I could live with. :frog: The trick that worked best for me was one I read about in two books, including Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I think I can describe it (someone please correct me if it sounds wrong!):

Cast on one extra stitch. Before joining and starting to knit the first round, slip that stitch to the left needle, and knit the first two stitches together. I still needed to pull it fairly tight, but I was happy with the result. I hope that makes sense.

This is my first project on circular needles and I have to say, they rock. I’m using a beautiful mercerized cotton, which shows every flaw in stitching. I found that since I’m knitting in the round, with no purling, my stitches look gorgeous. :eyebrow:

Good luck!