Quick knit wool

I have several patterns for quick knit wool but wondered if I could use double knitting instead as I have loads of it I want to use up.

Hope someone can help. Robbie

It’s a little thinner than DK weight, more of a sport weight, but you can see if it works up to the same gauge. There’s some info about it on this page.

I think quick knit wool is the equivalent of a 4ply (UK). So if you use a DK your item will knit up a little larger than stated in the pattern. Though you might get away with using a slightly smaller needle, but I think this changes the density of the finished fabric, so it won’t be quite as pliable perhaps.

I’m not an expert, so a second opinion on what I’ve said would be advised.

It’s more of a sport according to the page I linked to above. Sport and DK are pretty close, so it should come out about right.