Quick Christmas Gifts

Well… we are on a count down to THIRTEEN days until christmas. For me that’s a tragety, considering I have about 10 gifts to make(some would only take an evening… some three or more days). I decided to change my mind and make all small and easy gifts. But this is where I stop and think… What am I going to make?! :shock:

Any ideas? I know theres other people panicing too. Maybe this will be useful for others thinking the same thing.

Maybe something that would help would be that some of my family members like to read… maybe quick bookmarks? :thinking:


bookmarks are a very good idea! hats are quick too - i decided that the men in my husband’s family are all getting hats b/c I can do them in about 2 solid days. christmas ornaments would be quick too.

What kind of needles do you use?(as in straight or circular)

Sadly I only have straight needles and I can’t really knit that fast without getting sores on my fingers(now what good does THAT do? :frowning: )

Do you have any quick bookmarks that are easy and would only take about an hour?

Here’s a whole bunch of bookmarks!

Headbands might be fast, too.

Oddly enough, KPC has a whole category for bookmarks (who knew?)


I haven’t looked at the patterns, but I imagine that they are all done on straights. (You could do hats on straights too if you don’t mind seaming.)

good luck jenelle!!

Basic diagonal garter stitch facecloths in cotton chenille. They knit up quick and are a nice little luxury.

Good luck to you! I’ve given up getting it all done…

Alot of people like the cotton dish cloths. My mom was thinking of getting me 3 skeens of cotton yarn at the store sometime to make them. People usually love them. My aunt wanted some of them for her house. But I don’t really know how my great grandmother made hers :blush:

I looked at some of the head bands and book marks. Very nice things to make and easy to knit!

Maybe I could get some cotton yarn sometime and knit up some small diagonal face cloths. Thanks for the idea earthchick! :slight_smile:

I made two scarves as last minute gifts and they turned out great. I wasn’t planning on even getting these girls something, but decided I should so…I just got some cheap bulky yarn and knit up a scarf in plain garter stitch. It took me about an evening for each.

My favorite dishcloth to make is Grandma’s Favorite. It’s easy and quick. You could get a bar of nice soap to go with it for gift. :wink:

That dish cloth is the identicle thing that my great gramma made! Thanks Jan! :slight_smile:

And that would be a great gift… put a bar of soap in a square and wala! instant gift! :slight_smile:

Now to get to the store to get cotton yarn. :rollseyes:

That’s the pattern I use. If you can find cotton chenille, it is a really yummy treat. I made a couple of facecloths out of that and I feel so pampered when I use them.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

You’re welcome! Get a nice bar of face soap to go with it. Something like Dove or some other nice one, not Dial. :wink:

I did Tychus for my husband in a few hours! Hats are speedy!

You’re welcome! Get a nice bar of face soap to go with it. Something like Dove or some other nice one, not Dial. ;)[/quote]

Yeah… Would be a great gift for my sister-in-law or even for my mom. Maybe I can make one where you can open it up to refill it… Oh that would be fun :smiley:

:figureditout: Great idea! My brother goes hunting and I could make it with hunters orange and some white or yellow to add a twist in there… and then I can make one for my dad within no time! Brilliant! And thank you Rebecca!!! :smiley: