Quick but cute poncho pattern?

I have a craft event this weekend where I will be selling my candles. It’s going to be chilly and I want to make something. I really want to look cute though too. Is it possible to knit a poncho up this quick? I’m plus sized but maybe a good pattern that’s kinda lacey will work better?

Anyone have any ideas?

this is on my to do list. Not exactly a poncho, but looks very versatile and can do any weight yarn and as long/big as you want. and with or without eyelet pattern.

That is really cute. Wonder if it would knit up faster on size 8 or 10 circs? Only one way to find out XD
I think all I have around here for yarn is the cheapo stuff and this fuzy lion yarn.

My 8 inch circ is 40 inches long though, that may be too long.

I think longer circs would be better, That piece will grow to have LOTS of sts. so you will need the length.
It is basically a full circle knit centre out but not joined. start on 2 needles then change to circs as it grows. Bigger needles and your fuzzy yarn sounds like a good plan

Have you done this pattern? I am stuck on “Continue until you have 80 st, ten each wedge. Yo, k2, yo, ssk, yo, k2tog, k4.”

Does that mean to keep going, as in Yo, k4 across, Yo knit 5 etc etc? Or just worki even?

So confused XD

Here’s an easy fast one…http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/khs-scallopEdgePoncho.html

Also super easy…http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=1649

yes. You keep adding 1 stitch to each wedge section every knit row until each wedge is as large as you want.
I have only tried out a mini size one just to see what it was like. very easy.

Otherwise, what about this Poncho, Its super easy. similar as ‘wiredqs’ second link.
Just two rectangles joined together.

I got past the first ‘strawberry’ and it says to continue on… continue increasing, decreasing, just stockinette stitch, what?

hmm,… I am so dense tonight XD

You are doing well, fast.
Continue in stocking stitch increasing 1 st each section as before through to the end,
[U]at same time[/U], add more strawberries.
you will be able to add more berries each time as the wedge gets wider.

For that row, * Yo, k2, yo, ssk, yo, k2tog, k4 * - repeat.
Then there’s two more pattern rows (purl rows in between) and 14 rows of stockinette.

Then repeat the 3 pattern rows, purling the WS rows.

Okay. I’ve been increasing with a YO so it continues the pattern. It looks sorta like a spiral. It’s neat, but it’s going to be huuuuge!

I hope I can get it done in time and that I have enough yarn…lol

I think huge will be good, more coverage, from cold etc. You won’t have to go up to as many stitches as the pattern says though. You are probably working at a bigger gauge than that one so you won’t have to do so many sts.
Try it out. put sts on waste yarn so you can try it on, see the size. if o.k. then just finish with the border there.