ok maybe i’m making it more confusing then it really is i dont know lol. i started working on this last night hoping to get it finished by today but i got stuck and had to frog it. i figured i’d ask for what i need b4 i get started on it again. here’s the pattern,


and the part i’m having trouble with is with the increase M1.
she says she’s written Elizabeth Zimmermans M1 increase which is to make a backward loop and place on right h and needle. is that the same as YO??? cuz i did just the regular YO and it has holes which i dont think are supposed to be in the pattern, cuz i tried one with knit in front and back and no holes. she also says i can use knit in front and back but leave 1 less st between increases. what???

it says K1, insert needle under next horizontal loop of row below (between sts) and knit this st. does she mean the stitch i had worked the row before?

like i said my brain hasn’t been functioning well these past couple of days :oops: so i’m not sure if i’m just making it harder then it is.

any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I just made this sweater a few weeks ago, and the directions were a bit confusing. It took me a few practice rows to figure it out.

There are two types of increases in this pattern: make 1 (M1) and knitting the horizontal bar between stitches. For M1, stick your left-hand needle into the top rung of the “ladder” of yarn between your stitches. Pretend this is a stitch and knit it as usual. For the other increase, after you work a k2tog row, you’ll have little horizontal rows between stitches. Stick your right-hand needle into the bump-thingy and knit as usual. Don’t put the loop on your left-hand needle, though, since that will distort the stitch and the patterning won’t turn out right.

Hope this helps!

ok i think i get what you mean. i’m at work now so i’ll have to wait till i get home and actually try it to make sure lool.

ok i’ve knit up to the body now. i’ve just finished up the sleeves and have slipped all stitches on one needle again. but i haven’t seamed the sleeves yet. do i HAVE to before i continue or can i just do all the seaming when i’m all done?
here’s what i’m not understanding.

Knit across front sts, knit up 4 sts across cast on sts at sleeve underarm, knit across back sts, knit up 4 from other sleeve underarm, knit across second front.

see earlier, we had cast on 2 st on either side of the sleeve, so now i have to PICK UP 4 stitches and continue working and it will all become one piece? can i take out the markers?

i would also like to have like 4-5 buttons on it? how would i make the button holes? the pic shows a couple of buttons but i dont know where they are in the pattern?