Quick ? about sleeve again

Again the pattern says:
[color=red]It says:
K1, inc in next st, knit across row until 2 sts remain, inc in next st, K1.
Continue to increase 1 st each end of needle every 8th row 6 times
TOTAL, there are 49 sts on the needle. Work even until sleeve measures 11 inches OR 1" more than desired length to underarm.
I’m getting ready to do the 8th row and it is a purl row. It says to K1, inc in next st,…so what’s up with that. Do I purl the eight row and do the increase on the 9th row??? That doesn’t sound right though.

You can do it on the 9th row.

The first row of these increases was the row they gave you the directions on. Eight more than that would be the 9th row. Then increase on the 17th, 25th, etc.

[color=darkblue]I never would have thought of that.
Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:
I will get this “little” sweater done by Christmas if it kills me. LOL,