Questions (so many)regarding yarn substitutions

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I have a pattern for a sweater that calls for NORO KOCHORAN,It’s lovely,and $19per hank,It’s a huge investment for me,not only because of the cost,but because I consider myself a novice knitter. I also like the NORO SILK GARDEN,and at $10 per skein it’s alot more affordable…in fact I think I like it even better,not as much fuzz (angora). I’ve asked online and have been told they can be interchanged. How do I know how many (more)skeins I need? :aww:
Kochoran= 176yds-100 g weight-gage 4.5sts 1 in. sz 8 needle
Silk Garden=110 yds. 50 g/rec: gage 4.5sts/1inch with a 7-8’ needle. As always :wink: Thanks abunch.[/COLOR][/FONT]p.s. I need 11 hanks of the Kochoran.

Multiply 176 yds by 11 (1936). Divide that number by 110 (new yarn)= 17.6 skeins and then add an add’l skein (or so).


If you need 11 skeins of Kochoran, you need 11 x 176 yds of yarn, so 1936 yards in total.

At 110 yds per skein, you need 1936/110 =18 skeins of silk garden.
You can always add 1-2 skeins to make sure you don’t run out.

As you can see, the price per skein is not a very good estimate since the yardage can differ greatly!

Noro makes beautiful yarns but it can be a bit pricey (and some people find their yarns scratchy). If you want to find something cheaper, keep the 1936 yards in mind and look at yarn with similar gauge. is a good place to look. Good luck! :thumbsup:

[COLOR=“Red”]Big thank you for walking me though this…now I know why some of the yarn stores carry a calculator…
SOMEDAY…I want to be a good enough knitter so I can answer newbie questions~;o)[/COLOR]

It won’t take long! One day I realized that I was able to answer some questions and it felt really good! Math ones still stump me though. :teehee:

BTW…I’ve been knitting for 3.5yrs.

I agree with Ingrid- I can’t answer math questions and gauge still kicks my butt. How is it so difficult to remember to go up or down a needle size?

Now that you’ve figured out how much Silk Garden to sub, did you do the math on the cost? 11 skeins of Kochoran at $19 each = $189; 18 of SG at $10 = $180, or $190 if you get an extra. So you’re really not saving any money by going to SG.

[COLOR=“Magenta”]The final cost WAS a surprise,and a whole other way to look at yarn when I’m drooling over yarns,(not on the yarn of course)…I now have to agree with my math teacher of a million years ago, SOMEDAY…you’ll be glad you know how to do this~;) [/COLOR]