Questions ON Yarn

HI. i was wondering if yarn shrinks when you put it in hot or cold water because i hate to knit and crochet something for nothing,if it shrinks anyway?:sob:

Also does a person have to go by the yarn label for washing or can you just handwash everything because sometimes i lose the yarn labels for the yarns?:neutral_face:

Does a person have to block their gauge? Also Does a person have to block their sweather after washing it?.:sweat:

Thanks.Any help would be nice .I’ am thinking about quitting knitting and crochet because of these problems.

I know of nothing that has to be machine washed and dried.

What you could do to avoid your problem is read the labels before you buy and only buy things that suit your handling wishes. But since your wishes are to handwash/lay flat that’s probably everything.

Blocking a gauge swatch could be wise if you’re knitting something with little leeway in fit.

I’ve heard of having to reblock but it’s certainly not an every time all the time issue.

Really? That’s too bad. Most problems can be solved just ask.