Questions on merino wool

Knitting in round a sleeve using merino wool. I’m about 1/4 of the way done and have noticed the sleeve is super stretchy and it looks too big. Gauge is correct. 20 rounds is box stitch the rest stockinette. Not sure if the wool is the problem or what!

Can you tell us the name of the pattern or give us a link to it? Offhand, I can’t see why merino wool would be the problem.

The pattern is called Salem Hooded Jacket and it is from a book called New England Knits.

Yes, several people on Ravelry have noted that the sleeves are way too big.

If the rest of the sweater looks correct then maybe you could try the cast on for a size or two smaller if possible.

But why would it be so stretchy?

I just started. I’ve never done knitting in the round before so it was quite a learning curve. :grinning:

If I may add a couple of more things. The instructions call for a size 10 needle. I had to go to an 11 in order to meet gauge. The label that came on the yarn suggested US 7-9. Not sure if that helps. Thank you

Despite the needle size recommended in the pattern or on the yarn label, you do the right thing in using the needle that gives you the correct pattern gauge. Merino is stretchier than cotton or acrylic fibers but I’ve found that it retains its shape. I’ve been told that superwash does stretch out of shape but I can’t say that I see it there either.
Have you already knit the body of the sweater or did you begin with the sleeve? How was the stretch in the body?
What specific yarn are you using?

Per instructions began with sleeve. Malabrigo, made in Uraguay. Kettle dyed pure merino wool. Hand wash, dry flat. Would you suggest setting aside sleeves and begin with body?

I was just wondering if the body was also stretchy. I don’t think it’ll be any different from the sleeve that you’ve started.
I’m puzzled. Others have used Malabrigo Worsted for this sweater and it seems ok at least in the photos. Some of them are knit on size 10 needles. It knits at 16-20sts on 7-9 needles.
Maybe @Jan_in_CA or @notknittingknots has a suggestion?

This is frustrating and I really appreciate your help. Being unfamiliar with merino wool I’m wondering if I’m overthinking this thing. What I mean is, is it the nature of this fiber to “stretch” but then relax back to its original size? Not sure if it is making sense.
Also, I look at the cuff of the sleeve and compare it to the picture and on the model it seems to hug her wrist.

Well, merino is stretchy by nature but if the knit fabric feels looser than what you had in mind, then that’s a problem.
The sleeve on the model does seem close fitting but for whatever reason, there seem to be complaints from some knitters about the size.

This afternoon I measured the sleeve and compared it to the instructions and found that it measured correctly. I am going to start over but go with a smaller size since the only thing that I could conclude is that I went with a larger size. I did go to as you suggested and read the comments. One knitter went with a smaller needle for the cuffs and then resumed knitting with the needle that met gauge.

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New question in regards to this sweater:
The pattern I’m working on called for box stitch in the round for the sleeves. No problem. For the body of the sweater (which is worked flat) it says to cast on 136 stitches. If the box stitch is worked in multiples of 4 plus 2, why didn’t the instructions read cast on 138?

Look at the first row of the body and figure out if that cast on works in the sense that perhaps you don’t need edge sts? In fact, you might expect the part worked flat to need edge sts but the sleeve worked in the round not to need them.
It’s a good question. Have you tried to contact the designer on this?

Question. I have finished the sleeves and the body to the point where the sleeves need to be attached. I measured my daughter’s arm and the sleeve and she would like the sleeve to be longer. Can I just add the necessary length and then attach to the body?

You’re measuring from the underarms? Sure, I don’t see why not. It’s a good place to add length to the sleeves.

Thank you.