Questions on Dimension for Felting

Hi All! Im a newbie (you can thank Meeshie for telling me about this awesome site.) and have been knitting for about a year. I am about to felt my first item (yes… like everyone else a purse… but im is HUGE.) and i am following an AlterKnit’s pattern for the Lg Stash bag.
Dimensions on the first page says a lg before felting is 22 x 35, after felting 20 x 20.
During the pattern instructions, there is a diagram that says 35 tall and 46 in the round. no given measurement for felted.

im confused. I have followed the pattern and i am only 18 inches in the length of the purse right now. im going nuts since i found this missmatch. I cannot find anything on the site about any edit’s or fixes…

so right now i have 54 inches in the round and 18 inches in length… ( i wanted a slightly larger bag width wise)…

my questions are:

how much will the bag shrink? If i change my dimensions, does anyone have a great idea on what length would great to make the length???

sorry for being such a pain. :wall:

There is an errata page for AlterKNITS, which says the following:
Stash Bags
page 104
When bag measures 26 (35)" from beginning, BO all sts.

Of course, I have no idea what the original said. If you have the measurement you want in the width but are short on length, just keep going until you get to the right length. It seems that the bag is going to shrink a lot more vertically than it will horizontally, so if you give up and felt it now it’s going to be a lot shorter than I think you want.

thanks tab.

i think if i stopped now… i would have a very large pencil… no scratch that… rolling pin cozy. :slight_smile:

thanks for the errata page… i would have had NO clue what that was and did not click that page.