Questions of reading a pattern

I am working with the Einstein jacket in “the knit stitch” book and I am on the sleeve. The pattern reads

work 3 sts from center marker, slip1 knit 1, pass slip stich over (skp), k2, k2tog, k to end.
work 3 more rows.
repeat these last 4 rows, working decreases on either side of center of sleeve each 4the row to 24 sts remaining for childs.

My questions are:
does she mean 3 sts before the marker?
work three more rows of what?
Does that mean 3 more rows of the slip1, knit 1, skp thing? or three more rows of garter???
If she means work 3 rows of garter then would I work 1 decrease row 3 more rows of garger again until there are 24 sts?
I initially competed 3 more rows of the decrease because I she wasn’t specific…now I am not sure if she ment garter rows or not?
Thanks for your help…I am working on it today and you know how it is when you are stuck…I don’t want to do anything more until I know what she is talking about. :??

When you work to three stitches before the marker you end up with your decrease, and then a regular stitch at the end, before the marker. Then you have a regular stitch and a decrease after the marker.

So work to three stitches before your marker, do the decreses before and after it.

Then work three rows even, as you had been all along.

This set is made of four rows, one dec row and three straight rows.

Work this set of rows 4 times.

This way you get a gradual decrease.

I just need to pull out my last two rows because initially I took it to ment work 3 more rows of what she just said. So that means one row of the decrease and 3 of knitting and repeat that till there are 24 sts. right?
Thanks so much! I can continue now.

Yes, that’s exactly what it means. Sorry you have to go backwards.