Questions about felting

Okay, so I want to make my dd a stocking, and I want to use this pattern. I want to modify it so that I’m only using 2 colors (red as main color, white as secondary color). I want to make a white band across it that says KATY in red, using intarsia. Crossed Fingers Then I want to embroider “07” in red on the white band, just under her name.

I read that some colors of wool “may not felt,” especially white and yellow. If I make it in red & white, and the red felts and the white doesn’t, will it totally ruin the stocking? Should I just not use white? I could use pink or black…

Thanks in advance!

I use Paton’s Classic Merino in white and it felts the same as colors. You might have a problem with the red bleeding into the white, though. Someone suggested a color stay product in one of the other posts about felting, can’t remember what it was but they said it worked. You can probably do a search and locate it… I’ll see if I can’t find it for you. Mary

The product to eliminate/reduce bleeding of colors is “Shout Color Catcher”.

Perfect! I really appreciate your looking that up for me!