Questions about a cotton cardigan

Last summer I made a sweater from cotton, and was very pleased with how it came out. One question I have, though, is should I block it? It looks fine without blocking, and is comfortable, but there is a bit of curling along the front. How would I block it without it getting stiff?

Also, the sleeves have this sort of bell shape to them, and after wearing it like that a few times I have to say I’m not crazy about it. They were cast on, knit several rows, then decreased, and knit upward to the shoulder. Can I undo the cast on rows and frog it back to where it’s decreased and then knit it downward to a new ‘cuff’? What would be the best way to do this?

This was only the second sweater I knit, and I was so very pleased that it came out so well, well enough for me to actually want to wear and to wear in public!! lol. So I’d love to fix it so that I’m even more pleased with it!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
in NH

i haven’t knit with cotton to be able to answer this for you. Sorry! But I thought I’d bump the thread for you…good luck!