Question regarding felted tote handle

I’m a fairly new knitter making a felt tote and have doubts about whether or not the handle is turning out correctly. The pattern: With size 11 needeles and a double strand of wool, cast on 7 sts. Row 1: k4, yf, slip 3, turn. Row 2: taking yarn across back of work, pull firmly then k4, yf, slip 3, turn. Repeat row 2 until your handle is the correct length. Cast off all stiches, knitwise. I thought I follwed the pattern correctly but have a 26" length handle that’s flat and I think it should be more in the shape of a cord. Can someone tell me what I may have done wrong? Thank you.

I think someone else had a similar question a while back…does this look like what you have?

Your’s is a kind of double cord handle–flatish with rounded edges.

This is cropped from a picture so it got blurry but I think it is okay.

The handles (in the middle) here are knitted as a double i-cord. It is very flat but rounds out during felting.

Does that look like what yours looks like?

Hi Sara, I like the handle on your purse. Could you tell me how you made the double i-cord? Did you just cast on more stitches than a regular i-cord or is there a different technique? I need a wider cording for the handles on a bag I’m about to finish and yours looks good and sturdy. How did it turn out after it was felted?

Thanks, Steph