Question: regarding a bag pattern

So I told a friend of mine I’d help her by translating a pattern for her, and since I haven’t made handles before, I have no experience on this part. The pattern goes as follows:

On the next RS row, k 11, cast off 20, k20, C/O 20, k 11. Next row, work across, casting 20 sts. back on where you cast them off in the previous row.

I need help starting with the 2nd sentence. So you turn your work and work across(that means to just knit across, right?). Or does it mean to work across by turning your work, then cast on 20 stitches? I don’t get the “back on” is that supposed to be a complete sentence from casting 20 sts?

Thanks guys:) goes back to working on my scarf :XX:

You turn your work and work across, back to where you bound off the 20 stitches, then cast on 20 stitches right there, then continue knitting on the live stitches after that. It will look like a slit…but it will become a handle. :smiley:

(This is the pattern, right?)

After thinking I totally understood what you said, I want to double check. I think it would be a whole lot easier if I was doing it.

When you turn your work, wouldn’t the first thing I meet be the k11? Are you saying to knit the 11, cast on 20 stitches, and just knit the 20? What happens to all the other stitches?

Oh gosh, I just went to re-read all of the instructions and now I’m so confused. I swear, it’d be so much easier if i just tried it, so I could visually understand what I’m doing. The “pattern” bit up top, where in the world is that taking place? And why does it say, “place stitch markers on last round” if you’re using a set of straight needles? Or am I over-analyzing here?

crosses eyes

Close! It’s the Mini Skull and Crossbones Tote

Aha, same pattern, but knit flat because of the intarsia, it looks like.

After you turn, you’ll K11, CO20, K20, CO20, K11. You’re just working your way back around.

You need to place the markers (even though you’re on straights) because the shaping for the mitered bottom will instruct you to decrease before and after the markers. Easier than counting, counting, counting. :smiley:

Ahh NOW I understand. What would I have done without you:P Thank you!