Question re: Deborah Norville Interchangeable Needle Sets

I’ve been looking at these sets online and want to know exactly HOW the tips fasten onto the cables. Does anybody here know this??

Do they screw together (like the Boye set) or “click” together (like the Denise set)??? Or something completely different??

Thanks for your help!

I’ve never heard of them. Did you google them? There are a lot of pages including videos. They have screw tips just like Knitpicks and Kntters Pride.

I think they’re pretty much the same as Knitter’s Pride and Knit Picks Options. I recall a discussion here about them but it was a long time ago.

Maybe this thread?

they absolutely positively screw in… they have cord keys (those paperclip looking things that help you screw the tips in really tight)

Thanks everyone!! I went ahead and ordered a couple of these sets and some pairs of needle tips this week! Can’t wait till they get here!