Question on WS/RS


I’m new here and also new to knitting.

I have a question and am hoping to get some help. :smiley:

I was taught that if your “tail” is on your left you are working on the RS and if it’s on your right you are working on your WS.

Is that correct??

I’m working the first few rows of a pattern which reads:

[b]With smaller needles CO 119 - DONE

Work 4 rows 1x1 rib - DONE

Change to larger needles. P next row on WS.[/b] - *This is where I’m confused. I’m assuming I use one of the bigger needles and start purling, BUT my tail is on the left which makes me think that I’m on a RS row.

I’m so confused!!! :??

Can anyone help??


Don’t worry about it. The tail placement depends on how you cast on.

You cast on, you did four rows, now the row you’re doing IS the wrong side row because 1) you’re purling it, and 2) you’re pattern says so.

The tail thing might come into play if you were doing something that looked the same on the front and back, or if you didn’t know how to count how many rows you did. With stockinette stitch, which I assume you’re doing, the knits, the little v’s are the right side and the purls are the wrong side.

Welcome to the forum, by the way. :wink:

Thank you SO MUCH!!!

I really appreciate the help and the FAST response.

I can see myself coming here an awful lot. :wink: