Question on working both sides at the same time

Shape neck: Work both sides at the same time. Work 15 (16,16) sts. Slip the next 6 (6,8) sts to a holder. With a second ball of yarn, work remaining 15 (16,16) sts. [b]Dec 1 st at neck edge every row 3 (4,3) times, then dec 1 st at neck edge every other row 4 times, until 8 (8,9) sts remain. [/b]
Hi there knitters,

Given the pattern calls for working both sides at the same time, do the lines in bold mean that each row is each side? When they say "dec 1 st at neck edge every other row 4 times … what does that mean … :crying:


The main part of working both sides at the same time is more to make sure you keep them the same length. There’s less chance of messing up, I guess.

So after you get all your stitches where they need to be, you’ll have your shoulder stitches, each with their own ball of yarn. You’ll decrease at both sides of the neck edge for the next 3 rows (or whatever size you’re doing)

Then you’ll decrease at each neck row every other row 4 times:

1-no decrease
3-no decrease
5-no decrease
7-no decrease

So by neck row you mean I’ll be decreasing each SIDE every other row times?


Thank you Ingrid.


Yes, both sides of the neck get decreases. The neck stitches are the ones facing each other around the, well, neck opening. The shoulder stitches are on the outside, and the neck stitches are on the inside.

Ok thank you again. I think I’ll write the rows down to keep track … but on that note, do you think those row counter things are worthwhile? Do they make counting rows easier than say a pen and paper?? :XX:

The ones that hang around your needle and also act as a st marker are alot less cumbersome than a pen & paper, IMHO.

Ok … do you know of any good ones I can look for? I’m not even sure I know what they look like!