Question on sweater pattern


I’m trying to knit the “Oh-So-Simple Cardigan” from the Lion Brand web-site and my question is this: the pattern starts out knitting pocket linings(you have to make 2) by casting on 20 stitches and work in garter stitch for 5",ending on a WS row. Then, it states to place stitches on a holder. Do I cut the yarn after I place the stitches on a holder, make the next pocket liner and place these stitches on a holder or not? The pattern doesn’t state to cut the yarn, or is this just understood that you do this? Also, if I don’t cut the yarn, the next part of the pattern is to cast on 80 stitches for knitting the back of the sweater (what kind of cast on do you use?). Could any of you experts help me please–this is my second sweater, but the first one was a Raglan made in the round. (I hope this pattern lives up to its name, “simple”.)

Thanks in Advance,

Knitaholic :??

I would cut the yarn :thumbsup:

Thanks so much for your quick response–I’ll hollar if I have any more questions.