Question on picking up stitches on gloves

I’m making a pair of gloves–my question is where do you pick up stitches (1-2) on the fingers of gloves? The pattern states to pick up stitches at the base of the finger (but which stitch is it)? Also, do you use another needle to pick these up on? The gloves are made on DPN’s. Do you pick up 2 strands or 1 strand? I’m sure this is simple, but I don’t get it. Also, how do you prevent a hole from forming at the finger base?


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If you are starting with the thumb, you’ll pick up the stitches from the closest point on the main portion of the glove. If you are working fingers, for the first finger, just cast on the stitches required. For the other fingers, find a place at the corresponding point of the closest finger to pick up stitches. To pick up a stitch, you just insert a dpn (I use the one I’m currently knitting with) into the spot you wish to pick up the stitch and pull a loop up. You can use a small crochet hook if that helps.

Leave a long tail because no matter how careful you are, you may still end up with holes. It’s not a problem with your knitting style, just a factor of knitting gloves, soemtimes. Use your long tail to clean up the area as needed, then weave in the ends.

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Thank you! When you cast on stitches, do you use the backwards loop method, or another method? The pattern states to use the backwards loop, but, it looks loose and messy–can you use the knit on method? Just wondering if it matters.


I prefer to knit on the stitches as I really dislike the backward loop cast on. You could also use a cable cast on or any other cast on that doesn’t require a long tail :slight_smile:

I think I’ll try the knit on method, even though, I’ve not used this method before. I don’t like the backward loop method either, because it looks messy and is difficult to knit into–but just thought it was something I did wrong. To me, knitting gloves is a real challenge–but very interesting and this is the first time I’ve tried them.

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