Question on needles

:knitting: I am still learning to knit not made anything yet but have manages to learn to get stiches on the needle and move to the other needle somewaht anyway lol.But I have a knit dishcloth book and My question is most of the patterns say use size 8 knitting needles or soze required for gauge the says under that Cable needle so does this mean you use the knit needles that have the cable connited to them?

If you are using the yarn suggested in the book, using the size 8 needle is fine. If you are using some other similar weight yarn, size 8 is still fine.

I think the ‘cable needle’ mentioned in the pattern is a separate piece of equipment, if it can be called that. It is a little tiny tool that some folks use to make ‘cables’ or ‘criss-crosses’ in the work.
This is a cable needle.

There a several types of cable needles. Most knitters have a fav.
This is my fav, the U-shape:

The needles with a cord/cable are called circular needles. A cable needle is a short needle, or it can be a U or J shape, that holds a few sts while you knit the others out of order to make the cable twists. Here’s a few -

However, it’s not necessary to have one, you can hold the sts with another needle, a chopstick, an opened paper clip, hairpin… anything that’s straight and smaller than your needle.

Thanks everyone for the help. I appricate it very much.