Question on Lion Brand bag pattern

Hi all you experts. I have a question as to how to do something is the following pattern:

I have no CLUE what they mean by making the Backpack Flap. The instructions say" With RS facing, pick up 18 sts (9 ridges each side of back center seam). Work in garter …" What do they mean by picking up 18 sts? Do I need to pick out the stitches out of the edge of the body section?

I’m sooooooo confused! :?? Any help would be great!

Thanks a ton!

Kim the confused… :smiley:

Amy has a video on this near the bottom of this page

Basically what you’re doing is making yourself stitches to knit from so you don’t have to sew two pieces together.

Hope this helps some.

Thanks for that but I’m still confused.

I guess what’s confusing to me is that the instructions tell you to bind off for the body section of the bag so I wouldn’t have any stitches on the needles to do the flap with.

Any more insight would be great. I just having a DUH day. :lol:

Amy’s video is really good. You’re just adding stitches, and the term is “pick up” or “pick up and knit” stitches. If you have access to the book stitch and bitch, the explanation given there is excellent, also.

Ooooops! It would help if I would look at the right video!!! Sheesh! I guess DUH isn’t quite going to cover that.

Sorry, had a MOMENT! :smiley:

Thanks for the direction! You guys are great at helping!!


EXACTLY! That’s why you have to pick up the stitches… You’re not confused at all! :smiley:

My opinion is that the “bind off then pick up” is extra work the pattern added in for fun (I would have just done it in one piece). But maybe there is a higher purpose I’m not aware of! twilight zone music

Well thank you Hildegard_von_Knittin. At least I don’t feel like a total ding dong. I hate it when the pattern says easy. Define easy.

This pattern has a long piece that you sew together to form a tube and a bottom that also has to be sewn on. The flap is made on the side portion of the knitting (I think) or the top of the tube once the other stuff is sewn together. I’ll have to try it when I get that far. :smiley: I was just so confused reading it over but it makes a little more sense now. Sometimes it helps just to talk it through with someone.

Thanks again everyone for the help. :thumbsup: