Question on Knotted Openwork Scarf

I am going to finally start making my mom this scarf: (i asked for scarf recommendations a while back to give my mom after her knee surgery which she just had this past week - love this scarf!!).

First question - I do have size 6 needles, but I really want to use my bamboo size 5 needles. I figured this should be fine, since it’s just a scarf so no worries about fitting, but I was thinking maybe I should make it a smidge wider. So, looking at the pattern, can someone doublecheck how many stiches I should cast-on? I am thinking an extra 6 or 7? I kinda get the yarn forward, but not really as well as far as counting for a stitch. (I found this set of intructions to do it)

Thanks a bunch!! :XX:

It looks like the pattern stitch only uses 3 stitches, so any increment of three will work for the pattern.

ahh! I see what you mean!! Thanks a bunch Ingrid, can’t wait to get started on this!!