Question on knitting yarn instructions

I am about to start knitting my granddaughter a poncho and I have all my supplies. But while I was reading over again, I noticed in my yarn information it states " yarn, wound double, color # 11. My question is, does this mean for me to knit 2 strands of yarn together ?

It sounds like it. Can you give us the name of the pattern and a link please? Don’t post the pattern here.

I was asking about the Ginger snap cardigan. I was wondering if there was a larger size pattern available. The one I have is for a 6 mo. Id like to make a toddler size.

This is super cute!

I don’t see anywhere on the pattern where it says yarn wound double. Can you clarify that.

I think your best bet to upsize is to find another pattern that is larger and a similar construction and use the same color technique. Upsizing a sweater can be tricky. It’s sometimes not as simple as just adding a few stitches due to armhole depth and things like neck size. Anyway that’s my suggestion. That’s a very basic sweater so it might be easy to find another.