Question on increasing every so many rows

Hi all! I’m new here, but not to knitting; however, I’m over thinking this instruction and now I’ve confused myself!!

“Work raglan increase 15 times and AT THE SAME TIME work neck edge increase every 6 rows 0 times (for my size), THEN every 4 rows 6 times …”

My question is … where do I start my first neck increase? Since there is no increase at row 6, my first thought was to just start at row 4, but the instructions say THEN every 4 rows so do I knit the 6 rows with no increase and THEN start my increase after 4 more rows on row 10?

This is a toddler top-down V-neck sweater so honestly row 4, 6, or 10 isn’t going to make a huge difference … but I’m just a tad OCD and it will drive me crazy if I improvise!!!

Any help in understanding would be greatly appreciated!!!

Welcome to KH!
Start the neck edge increase at row 4. I know what you mean about overthinking and in this case, your first thought is correct.
The wording is a little strange for the size with 0 for the first instruction so so no wonder it sent you off.

Thank you salmonmac …there are multiple sizes in these instructions and some do have increases starting on row every row six and then down to every row four! It was in the wee hours of the morning … a dangerous time to be making sense! LOL!

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Oh, how I know that! Have fun with the toddler sweater. I’m sure it’ll be adorable.