Question on Circular needles

I’ve got a couple of circs here, and I’m wondering, is there an easy way to relax the plastic cord between the needles?

Run them under hot water, or if they’re stubborn, soak them in hot water. They’ll straighten right out.

Thank you, Ingrid, I had heard something about hot water, but couldn’t remember what it was.

Perhaps it was that if you put it in boiling water the 1st time you try this that the needles will REALLY BURN… :doh: :blush: yes, that would be experience speaking from a while back :oops: .
Now I find that it works perfectly nicely to place them in a sink of hot tap water…lol; and far less danerous :smiley:

Speaking of circs, if you start to accumulate them, consider getting a Circular Solution holder. It’s a canvas thingy that hangs and has slots for each size. It keeps them straightened and sorted by size. I still keep a measurer attached to it to double check the size of the needle because I’ve been known to put them in the wrong slot. :doh:

Thanks again for the advice, though I’ll probably break down and get a set to start with, then go from there.