Question on acrylic yarn

OK… whenever I read through one of those threads where everyone is fighting about acrylic vs. wool…well… there is always someone in there that says that the red heart super saver/caron when washed is really soft… well I had to knit up a few swatches for a class I took, and used some caron yarn (like the old red heart grandma used ) I decided to wash the swatches and see how soft it got… well, I was really shocked at HOW soft is became…and so drapey, and SO SOFT!!.. I was wondering if you could just stick the whole ball in the washer and dryer before knitting with it …to make knitting with it more enjoyable… has anyone tried that? thank you listening…

I’m assuming you don’t mean Caron Simply Soft because it’s soft to begin with. I would think tossing it in the washer would make it a huge yarny mess. :shock:

It was the caron perfect match…I think…not the simply soft…you know the old type yarn like red heart, but caron has one too… it is a heavier worsted…I just was shocked how much I liked the look, feel and drape of the yarn after it was washed and dried it was night and day…for a blanket , baby or otherwise, I would really think it would be great… it is heavier worsted than “simply soft,” so it would knit up much quicker… oh well…
I just think it has a lot of advantages …not itchy… washable…AND THROW IN THE DRYER… not to hot for warmer climates… and CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP

Since it’s cheap you could get a skein and try it maybe in a lingerie bag…

Oh… I forgot to say… that I had another swatch made of a wool /
acrylic blend… Encore…I think it is 25% wool and 75% acrylic it did not wash up half as soft as the caron perfect match…

I find wool blends not to be as soft as some of the acrylics now. You should have felt acrylic yarn 30 years ago - it makes todays RH supersaver feel soft. Caron’s perfect match is softer than the RH to begin with. You could try washing a skein to see what happens, but put it in a bag as Jan suggets.

I predict a lot of untangling in your future. :teehee:

Didn’t someone post on another thread that you could put a skein of yarn in and old stocking to wash? I’ve never tired it, but it sounds like it could work. There would be less room for it to wobble around and get tangled than in a lingerie bag.

Ooo interesting idea. :think: I have some old Red Heart stuff that kills my hands I will try that with!

I also have to comment on the durability of the cheap old Red Heart worsted. I have an afghan made by a friend over 30 years ago that has been washed over and over again. It’s on my bed right now in case my old blanket isn’t warm enough. The dogs sleep on it, it’s been thrown around the house for years and has just recently developed it’s first hole. I do have to say the fringe is very tired looking and it’s definitely time to throw it in the washer again. It also softens up nicely when freshly washed and dried.

Yep. Old socks, nylons or a lingerie bag, but whatever you use, make sure it’s tied or zipped VERY tightly so the yarn doesn’t escape. I agree on the RHSS. It wears like iron. Fringe eventually does go kind of ratty, but it’s replaceable, after all.

OK… I’m gonna try the sock idea… on the caron perfect match…I will let you know …also Jan, Let me know how your red heart turns out…

The thing about using a stocking for washing the skein is that it seems to me that the friction of washing/drying is a good part of what softens the RH or CPM yarn. Yes, the chemicals added to the bath probably have something to do with it, too, ,but it seems the fact that you essentially beat the snot out of a swatch when you wash it has more to do with the softening effects. I just wonder about the efficaciousness of washing yarn essentially imobilized in a stocking for purposes of softening it.

Good point Quiara; it’s probably the agitation of the knitted object in the machine that softens it up. I wet a piece of some old acrylic to see if that would soften it and it didn’t. Will have to throw the sweater I’m making with it in the wash and see.