Question for those who have made, and USE, Kitty Pi Bed

I have been thinking about making a Kitty Pi bed for Puddy, our cat. Puddy is an indoor/outdoor cat. Though we brush her, she still leaves clumps of hair and dirt wherever she lies around inside. We keep towels on her favorite spots on the furniture, and fortunately, she always lies on the towels.

My concern is that when the Kitty Pi bed gets dirty (and it will), can it be machine washed (gentle cycle/cold water), or will that cause the bed to felt more? :thinking:

Whats your secret? My cats move the towels first!!!

Sorry - can’t help with the question but am very interested in the topic!

Hi Renna,

I’ve made it and felted it, and though my cats have used it, I’ve not felt the need to wash it as yet…I just go outside, shake it lots, then turn it inside out and shake it some more!

I would imagine that a gentle wash with luke water wouldn’t felt it any more, as felting requires heat & agitation. Then, too, you could reshape it as you’re drying it with whatever you used in the first place.

Good Luck! :hug:


felting only happens when hot water is used. i made one for my sister and well i don’t know what happened to it. but it shouldn’t felt more if you wash it in cold water and then reblock it. i wouldn’t throw it in the dryer though. the one i made fit on a cake cover so whatever you use to block it keep it around to reblock when washed. hope that helps a little!

I would think that after felting, you could probably use tape to help you remove the fur sticking to the inside.

A couple of sticky side out wraps of packing tape over your hand and a quick dabbing type motion and you should be able to pick most of the cat hair off the felted work.

I just use cheap cat beds from the pet store for our two cats.

They fight over the one bed :shrug:

Anyhow, I just vacuum those once in a while. I sprayed both with a Cat Nip spray in the beginning to get them to use the beds.

Thanks, everyone, for your help. I think I’ll go ahead and make one. Our sofa has very wide (and deep )arms. I’ll probably sit the bed on the back corner of one end of the sofa, which is Puddy’s favorite spot now, as she can watch the birds out the window there. As long as the bed is in one of “her” spots, I think she will use it.

I was thinking that having an actual ‘bed’ for her might contain some of her fluffs of fur which occasionally extend off the towel. Frankly, I’m tired of dealing with the fur, but my ds and dh are crazy about that cat, so whatcha gonna do, huh? :roll:

yeah, I wash mine by hand in the sink with cold water and a little bit of hand soap, then block it. it hasn’t felted any more than it did during the original felting session.

Great! :cheering:

For blocking it - you could just use the cat!