Question about tater cardi

I’m working on this sweater for my dd :

i’m at the part where i have to put all the separate parts on waste yarn and the part i’m confused about it the seam stitches.

Raglan seam increase: (K1, yo, K1) all in same stitch.

Place each section on separate waste yarn as follows:
Left front+1 seam stitch, sleeve stitches, seam stitch+back stitches+seam
stitch, sleeve stitches, seam stitch+right front stitches.

what seam stitch are they talking about?? is it the yo stitch from the previous increase row? because as far as i know the seam is 3 stitches since we k1, yo ,k1 in the same stitch.

any help is appreciated.

My guess is that they’re calling the stitch that will be inside your seam (when you do your seaming) your seam stitch. For example, if your front was 42 stitches wide, they’d say it’s 41 stitches wide plus a seam stitch.

If it relates to the K1, yo, K1 you were doing, I’d say they were having you do those increases to create an extra stitch to use for seaming. So maybe your front was 41 stitches, but now because of the increases, you have 42, which gives you a seam stitch.

I hope that makes sense–I’m pretty sure I understand it, but I’m not sure I’m explaining it very well!

sorry but that doesn’t make much sense lol. if the lady who made the pattern would have specified how many stitches should go on each holder it would have made things a whole lot easier.

i dont know but i didn’t understand. sorry
thanks anyway

LOL–I know, I’m sick, and my brain isn’t working well. You know what, though? Someone else just finished this cardi–maybe you can PM her and see what she did? The post of her FO is here:

lol i know, my brain is on off mode today hahaha. I already asked her and she didn’t understand them either so she did something different. oh well i’ll just have to see what i’ll do.

:rofl: Well, if she didn’t get it either, then I don’t feel so stupid anymore! :teehee: I’m anxious to see how it turns out–I love that pattern!

Maybe you should put one seam stitch for the left front and then the other 2 with the sleeve stitches. Do that all the way around–Where it calls for 1 seam stitch, take that, and put the other ones on the edges of the sleeves.

well i just assumed that it was the yo and put them that way. i guess i’ll have to finish it to see if its the correct way lol. i’ll try to post pics soon of the progess i’ve made so far.

Don’t know if this will help because my brain has already gone to bed for the night…

I just finished this pattern tonight. Basically I reverse engineered it when I got to that point.

I was doing the size 2, and the sleeve ends up with 36 stitches after casting on for the underside of the arm and decreasing 18 stitches. That means I would need to start with 42 stitches on the needle.

So each sleeve would have 42 stitches. Once I knew that and counted those out, and saw how they fell with the lines of the sweater, it was more obvious to me how many were the fronts and back…

So for the size 2, I had 31 stitches for the front, 42 sleeve stitches, 62 back stitches, 42 sleeve stitches, and 31 front stitches.

Basically… take your size, work back from the number you end up with on the sleeve after decreases to get how many you would have started with. Take the stitches left and divide putting half in back, and 1/4 on each front side.

Hope that helps!

Mama Bear