Question about steeking... Ingrid?

Ok, I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but I need to double check. The directions say to sew the steeks, and cut… blah blah blah. Then it says to sew the shoulder seams together and set in the sleeves by sewing them in. This does mean with a yarn needle and yarn… like I would normally set in a sleeve, and not with the sewing machine, right?

Yes, you put it in just like putting in a regular sleeve. Looking good!

I was hoping so. If not, I was gonna do it like that anyway. LOL Thank you!

I was reading your blog to get more info…can you give some detail her about steeking or will your relatives poke around here too? Sounds like you’re almost done though, so I’ll wait if I must :slight_smile:

Nah, she doesn’t come here. I’m making Baby Norgi for Shawn. I posted a recent pic in the Wha’cha Knittin’ thread. :slight_smile: Here’s the info on steeking.

That is WAY cool! Gives me a great reason to finally get a sewing machine. I think I would be a little apprehensive the first time. Seems like the edge should be serged or something, but obviously this must work.

Look at you all busting out with the fancy colorwork lately! This is a great project to follow up with after your socks :slight_smile: