Question about SSK directions

Hi Ladies (and gents…if you’re out there)

Started working this exquisite “Counterpane” here:

and have gotten to row 24. The abbreviation instructions above the pattern given for SSK say “Sl 1 knitwise, Sl 1 purlwise, insert the left needle…”

The instructions here in the video have you slip both the stitches knitwise.
Will this make a difference somehow? The 2 stitches below these 2 slipped stitches are both knit. Any thoughts?

Follow the pattern directions as given?


I’ve read that doing the ssk like you said makes a neater stitch, so I’d do it the way the pattern says.

I think follow the pattern - seems that this is creating a pattern in the way the stitches are twisted when slipped and knitted together.

BOY, you guys are QUICK!!!


THANKS!!! :thumbsup:

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I believe that’s Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “Better Ssk”