Question about splitting for the legs on pants

I’ve knit the body of the pants and now I’m ready to split for the legs and crotch. My instructions say…

Place 40 stitches on stitch holder, 4 stitches on a double pointed needle, 40 stitcheson your 12" needles, and the last 4 on a second double pointed needle.

My question is this… Do I actaully knit the work onto the stitch holder and the needles or try to slide the work onto them?

Just slip the stitches onto the stitch holder. It would be way too awkward to try to knit them.

What about moving stitches onto the needles? Am I supposed to knit those on?

I’m sorry, I missed that part. I think in this case I would slip them, too. This way you’re on the same row on both sides. You’ll be slipping the other stitches from the holder and then knitting them, so I’d slip these first, too.

Ok - I did the kitchener stritch on my double poined needles for the crotch. Now I’m raedy to work on the legs. My pattern says to Tie yarn onto right stitch of your 12" circulars and knit around for 48 rows.

Ok so am I literally supposed to take the yarn and tie it around the first stitch on my needle? I guess I dont see any other way to get the yarn back on there and it seems that’s what the pattern is asking me to do.


If you haven’t done it already, they just want you to attach your yarn somehow. Tying it on is not the usually way, but hey, a knot never ruined an article of clothing and it’s secure. Lately when I start new yarn at the beginning of a row, I’ve been tying a slip knot and pulling that through as my first stitch.

Whatever works.

Hey, I have been searching for a pattern for pants forever! Is the one you are working on good? Could you forward it to me?

I really like the sheepypants pattern on