Question about socks

I’ve started a sock (out of the “tie-dyed” yarn that I previously posted about), and I’ve gotten about 2 inches or so done. My question is this: Do I really need to stick to using all four DPNs? Can I drop down to using three (two on the stitches and one working)?

And… can you tell me why or why not or the pros vs. cons?

I’m attaching a couple of pics to show my progress so far… :happydance:

I say, do whatever you’re comfortable with. As long as it all turns out the way you want it to, what’s the harm?

Stick to three, or switch to two circs. I don’t think you can knit with two dpns held parallel.

trucker: I was asking because I didn’t know if this was “legal” in the world of knitting… LOL. Since I’ve never done it, I wasn’t sure if it could be done properly, like if you can get the stitches tight enough around where the needles meet. Does that make sense?

Another thing… why do some sock patterns call for 5 (total) DPNs, while others call for only 4?

Oh, and for clarification… when I asked about dropping down to three total DPNs, I mean using straight needles, not two circs. Would using two circs be easier?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

You can’t knit in a circle using two straights. You have to use at least 3 DPNs, two circs or one long circ using the magic loop method. I don’t know if you can switch in midsock though.

What is the magic loop method?

If you go to the Advanced Techniques tab above, you can see how to use two circs for small diameter knitting and magic loop.

Ingrid: I just thought of that after I already asked my question, LOL. I watched them and it seems like using the 2 circ method is much more of a pain in the rear than just sucking it up and dealing with three needles poking your body. The magic loop method was kind of interesting, though… have you ever used it? I might try it with the next sock.

Thanks for all your quick ideas and suggestions!! :slight_smile:

I love the two circ method! Basically you knit one side, flip your work around and knit the other side. It looks more complicated than it is. I’ve sort of tried magic loop, but there’s too much pulling out the loop for me.

I actually thing socks are best on dpn’s (though I’m not a sock knitter) because it probably is better when you turn the heel.

Your sock looks great so far!

To put the stitches on three dpns, find the center of the heel and then put 1/4 of the total stitches on the left side; that’s the 1st needle. Then put 1/2 of the total stitches on the next needle; that’s the 2nd needle. Then put the remaining stitches (1/4 of the total) on the third needle.

For example, if your sock has 48 stitches:

Needle 1: 12 stitches
Needle 2: 24 stitches
Needle 3: 12 stitches

Now I’ve never knit with 4, only 3, but I like using 3. Not so many pointy things on which to impale myself!

I loooove two circs for sock knitting! :heart: It’s actually very convenient when you get to the heel, because you work with half your stitches. :thumbsup:

Ok, can someone clarify for me - it looks to me, from those pictures, that she is knitting her sock inside out. Is that correct?

I want to see if I understand why part of my fingerless mitt ended up inside out, and part of it wasn’t (and the whole thing was thusly frogged).

Since the work is pointing down to the ground, that means it’s inside out, right?

Sorry to thread hijack. :blush:

Sorry, it definitely looks right-side-out to me. :??

My response to that is : harrumph!

I wish I knew someone IRL who knew a lot about knitting who could show me.

Looks okay to me, too! Pretty colors!

:?? Hmmm… I musta thunk ya wuz askin me about using 3 DPN’s.
I use 5 myself, probably because it’s easier for me that way. I use four in the sock and one to knit with. I like knitting in the round with double points. Then again, I always have liked playing with sharp and shiny things. :lol:

When you’re working in the round, your work should be below the needle(s) and behind your needle(s). What should be closest to you is the part that you are working on. If your work is closer, then you are knitting the inside rather than the outside. Clear as mud?