Question about sock yarn

Hi. I have a question about sock yarn… I would like to delve into the world of knitting socks. I have noticed a difference already though… the yarn!

I have purchased some Lorna’s Laces sock yarn which is very fine weight and then I have purchased some hand dyed superwash sock yarn that seems a little thicker. I think each is called fingering weight, but they are different in thickness and I don’t know if this is because one skein has “bloomed” more than the other.

Help??? I guess then this is when a swatch would come in handy.

I find that most fingering wt yarns (sock yarn size) are about the same, but some differ, as u noticed. I would guess some yarns are a bit different, depending upon the manufacturer/spinner. For example, I’ve found that worsted wt yarn varies some from manufacturer to manufacturer…but not much. I’m sure they all try to stay within the standards on the label :smiley:

AND…YAY for you, socknitting ROCKS :thumbsup:

Okay Rebecca, Queen of Knitting Socks, where would you suggest beginning? Silver’s sock tutorial? Sensational Knitting Socks looks foreign to me, but I have to look at it again. I am looking to knit on DPNs, not the two circulars yet.

Any advice would be great!

LOL, I wouldn’t quite qualify for queen of socks…perhaps socknitting freak…LOl! I would suggest Silver’s tutorial, everyone loves it! She didn’t have the tutorial when I began knitting socks, the :figureditout: happened for me when I saw the socknitting episode of Knitty Gritty; I read over the show notes that Karen Baumer wrote (the official princess of socks :wink: ) & then understood how to measure the foot for socks, etc. & then it all kind of fell into place…now I’m hopelessly addicted to socknitting.
I would suggest doing your 1st sock on sport-worsted wt yarn :smiley: Well, I take that back, you are a seasoned knitter, with sock yarn in hand…go for it if u feel like it; or knit a test sock in a heavier, cheaper yarn to get the ‘feel’ for it :wink:

I found Knitty’s Fuzzy Feet pattern very helpful for me! It’s knitting a felting slipper in the round, but it gives you a good idea of how a sock is constructed. It’s a super easy pattern and it’s felted so any mistakes magically dissappear! :wink: I was able to go from that to using DPN’s on a regular size sock and I had a much better idea of what I was doing.

I recently finished a sock on worsted weight following Silver’s tute. UGLY thing, but I could see what I was doing and learned a lot. I’m ready to tackle a real sock now.

I used Silver’s too…ahem…I should say I’m still using it…giggle I haven’t exactly finished yet…